Saturday, September 10, 2011

second book in the works!

hey everyone! i am working on the second book. the rules are simple...

- draw, write, stencil, paint, watercolor, whatever on a priority mail label (they're free at your local post office) and send them to the address below.
- you can send as many as you want!
- write the name you would like to appear in the book on the back of the label clearly.
- everything submitted will not be accepted. i apologize.
- there will be no monetary compensation for your work.
- the artwork will not be sent back to you.
- i will not accept artworks submitted through email or other forms other than mailing the label to me.
- don't cover the whole thing. it has to be known that it's on a label 228.
- you can put a bunch together to make a bigger label
- get a copy of the first book if you haven't yet!
- tell your friends!

start creating!!


  1. can we we draw on labels 228 of 2008 which are not the blue tops?

  2. what about german labels?

  3. Yo!
    Whats good camden! I lost your contact on Myspace
    add me on fb if you got it...
    Hit me up I got some goodies to send out to you.

  4. Hi Camden,
    What is the deadline on this?

  5. Hey Camden. Dude I live in Wilmingon, and saw your book at Planet. I thought it was absolutely amazing, so much that I got into label art myself!!! Thanks for da inspiration bro! I can't wait to get into the second book!

  6. hey camden, I just got my pack back, they say that your adress doesnt exist.
    what to do now?

  7. daniel. what was the address you used? did you use northwest?

  8. hey camden, I'm going to work on a few stickers this week for you, is there a deadline or anything i should be concerned about?

  9. Hi! I want a copy of the first book! how can I get it? I'm in Mexico and I found out your art in Flickr, I just love it. Could we use Paypal? I can get a USA adress, as you consider it's better. I hope to hear from you soon.

  10. I sent a pack the other day of stckers and I did not put my name on the back.. can you put "Cexr" as the name if they do get feteured in the book.. here's what they look like

  11. I sent mine in already. Any idea when we find out if we made the book or not?