Saturday, September 10, 2011

second book in the works!

hey everyone! i am working on the second book. the rules are simple...

- draw, write, stencil, paint, watercolor, whatever on a priority mail label (they're free at your local post office) and send them to the address below.
- you can send as many as you want!
- write the name you would like to appear in the book on the back of the label clearly.
- everything submitted will not be accepted. i apologize.
- there will be no monetary compensation for your work.
- the artwork will not be sent back to you.
- i will not accept artworks submitted through email or other forms other than mailing the label to me.
- don't cover the whole thing. it has to be known that it's on a label 228.
- you can put a bunch together to make a bigger label
- get a copy of the first book if you haven't yet!
- tell your friends!

start creating!!

Friday, July 29, 2011


crevice creeps


i must admit that mecro was my main influence in making this book. i asked him for some stickers and he sent me like 20 hand drawn priority mail labels and i was hooked after that.

i haven't heard from him in awhile so if you are out there man, get a hold of me. i'm curious to see your newest stuff. take care.

sket one

mat curran

i've been a fan of mat's for awhile now. amazing artist and all around good guy.

dan eells

dolla short

chris rodgers "ohno"


custom 8" priority mad l

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

possible second book!

hey everyone. i am trying to get the publishers on board for a second book. they want to see how the first book sells before agreeing to a second installation. so if you haven't bought the first book, there are more than a handful of places to pick one up.

also, i am asking other publishers if they would consider doing the second book. i am working. i hope you are as well. start drawing...


melissa lomax

mike die

matt linares